Durleigh Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all Planning Applications submitted to the local planning authorities. Sedgemoor District Council has responsibility for local planning while Somerset County Council have authority over highway issues, school and hospital developments.

The Parish Council is invited comment on all applications for development within the parish. However the outcome is decided by the responsible planning authority.

Applications received are added to the agenda for each bi-monthly Parish Council meeting. The applicant and members of the public will then have an opportunity to attend and comment but not to lobby members. (Extra-ordinary meetings may be arranged, or an extension requested if the deadline for return of comments cannot be met.)

Digital copies of Planning Applications, information on the process and the means to comment with other guidance can be accessed on Members of the public can make comments on applications through the Parish Council or at Plans and documents associated with planning applications may also be viewed at Sedgemoor District Council offices in King Square, Bridgwater.

Current and recent applications

Current and recent planning applications submitted for development works within the parish will be listed below, along with a brief description. By clicking on the location it will link you to further information on the Sedgemoor Planning Portal.